Palazzo della Luce

Palazzo della Luce


Block of flat/offices

Palazzo della Luce – Torino, Via Bertola n° 40

We are in charge of the property development of one of the most attractive restructuring of Turin: the so called “Palazzo della Luce”.

The building was first projected by Architect Carlo Angeo Ceresa for hosting the headquarters of Cassa di Risparmio. Palazzo della Luce took inspiration from the imposive buildings of late XVIIIth century with a superb front which reminds Juvarrian Palazzo Madama.

It was the headquarter of SIP (Italian telecommunication) in the next years and from there first public Italian transmission were sent. In 1962 ENEL set its headquarter in Palazzo della Luce till the restructuring which began a couple of years ago.

Our company is very proud to contribute to bring the Palace back to its old splendor by managing the restricting and the commercialization of the last 7mts. ceilings high offices located at the first floor (the so called noble floor) and the luxury flats with 150 sq. mts terraces on the roof top.


Beginning of 2018