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Our Interior Design

A lot of our clients asked us to recommend interior designers that can help and assist them to select and project their new houses under construction, so we have asked to ourselves: why not giving this service to our clients?

That’s how it started our collaboration with Andrea Francardo (fashion and interior designer) who counsels us with her genial and unconventional ideas and help us in completing our projects and assisting our clients.

interior-design-torino-andrea-francardo-torchio e daghero

HOME  – Ideas For Living

Since a couple of months we opened this service to privates owners who did not buy their flat from us, but wants to restructure their flats or even houses: our offer is an integrate service from estimating costs to restructuring the property with our artisans, after having decided together the mood, the colors and the kind of furniture.

HOME – Ideas for living, that’s the brand name we are launching, is a new way of imagining Your property, since the very moment in which is built or restructured, it’s meant to inspire and emotionate You by creating a better place to live and spend most of Your time.

Some completed or under construction HOME projects follows.

Our Interior Design Projects