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Via Rattazzi 5

The Project

T&D fully restructured Palazzo Lanza, in Turin city center, one of the last flat has been completed with HOME philosophy.

The last floor mansard has been fully furnished till the very last detail, from the on demand artisanal wardrobe to the laundry cabinet, from the metal kitchen units to the whitewashed walls, till carpets, tables, couches and event abat jour lamps and books on shelves, not forgetting several objects by a couple of Turin designers who agreed to take part in our project such as Happy Walk wooden canes and the Patrizia‘s lamps.


The attic was sold, just over a month from the works completion.
Special thanks to Elisabetta Quaglino (architect), Massimo Bonardo (ebanista), Grenier Torino (furniture and kitchens shop).

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